Physical Education

Each class has allocated hall time each week for P.E. Children from Year Two onwards have an opportunity to go swimming at a local swimming pool. We are delighted to be involved in a range of competitive team sports. We also have a coach involved with our Tea-Time Club and we organise extra-curricular clubs for football, netball, cross-country, athletics and tennis. For further information, please see our Physical Education, School Sport and Physical Activity (P.E.S.S.P.A.) page.

Currently schools receive additional funding from the Government in the form of a Sports Grant. This money is being used to develop teachers’ skills, improve resources and provide more coaching opportunities for example, so that children have an increasing awareness of the importance of sport and exercise.

Pupil Voice: PE – June 2022
Thomas (Reception)I love playing ball games in P.E.
Jensen (Year One)I enjoyed our gymnastics visit to a gymnastic centre.
Erin (Year Two)I like balancing in gymnastics.
Harley (Year Three) I like tennis because we worked with our teacher and a tennis coach.
Harlen (Year Four) I love to be active in P.E.
Charlie (Year Five) We get to play our favourite sports as well as trying new ones.
Isobel (Year Six)This year, I particularly enjoyed swimming and feeling a sense of pride in the big pool.

For further information, please view our:

PE Curriculum Map

A detailed overview of our progression of skills is available upon request.