Friday 22nd September

Another week of working hard and learning lots of new things in Year 1!

In RE we have been looking at a Psalm and as a class we came up with our own prayer in response. We thought about all of the things that we are thankful for and said thank you to God.

In English we started to explore a new book called ‘Aaaarrgghh Spider’. Mrs Daniels and Mrs Days were both a little bit nervous about reading it in case a spider jumped out, but thankfully it didn’t. We will be doing lots of writing next week about it!

In Maths we have been learning how to spell the numbers up to ten as words. We have been using our fabulous phonics to help us!

We have started a new Geography topic and we are leaning all about cities, in particular Durham. Lots of children were excited to tell me all about visits they have had to Durham.

We are looking forward to another busy week next week!

Mrs Daniels, Mrs Days and Mrs Walker