Week Two

It’s been a busy second week in Early Years. Following our reading of “Mixed” and “Remixed” by Arree Chung, the children have been exploring colour mixing. Reception have been learning that we can mix primary colours to make secondary colours.



In nursery, the children have been introduced to the days of the week song as they fill in their daily calendar.

Our nursery children also had their first ‘Welly Wednesday’ session this week. They began to read ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’ by Julia Donaldson. They then collected stick to create their own towns.

The children enjoyed exploring this new area of our school.


Reception have been practising their animal positions from our new handwriting scheme. The positions will help their bodies become nice and strong in preparation for their writing.

Look at them drawing in the lizard position…

Reception have also been discussing different feelings and emotions this week. We looked at the Zones of Regulation and discussed how we might feel when we are in each zone. We also began to think about ways to help us get into the green zone such as taking some quiet time in a calm area when we are feeling angry and letting others join in when they appear to be sad.

We hope everyone has a good rest over the weekend ready for lots more learning next week!

Mrs Bryant, Miss Dawson, Mrs Walker & Mrs Troy.