Friday 8th September

We have had a fantastic first week back in Year 2.

We have risen to the challenge and already exceeded Mrs Pearson’s expectations!

In English, we imagined a school without rules after sharing a story together. We wrote about how the children felt when they had no rules and how they decided to solve the problem.

Look at this fantastic writing from Josh and Ben.

In Music, we have thought about how music can help us make friends. We listened to the music and then made friends with each other. This was a great way to welcome the new member of our class.

In Computing, we explored what I.T. means and what information technology is. We found out computers are I.T. and anything that needs a computer to work is I.T.

We created a list of things that are I.T. and things that are not. We thought having a mouse in both groups was rather funny!

After all of our hard work we enjoyed our Golden Time at the end of the week.

We have had a fabulous week and Mrs Pearson cannot wait to see the amazing thing we achieve this year.