Friday 21st July

We cannot believe it is the end of the year!

We have finished off with another busy week.

Finally, we finished our glove puppets. We followed our designs carefully and then used step-by-step instructions to make them.

Some of us created our own templates to use. Some of us used fabric glue but most of us sewed. We really did work had on our project and took great pride in our work.

We were so proud we went to EYFS to share our puppets. It was great to see how enthusiastic the younger children were and they asked some great questions.

We have also thought a lot about the treasures in our world this week. We have thought about how God created the world so all living things are treasures. We thought about the view out of our window and how we can ensure that this treasure is not lost. We thought that we could turn the tap off when we brush our teeth and try to do activities which don’t use electricity. What is the view from your window?

Thank you Year 2 for an amazing year. You have all worked your socks off and done yourselves proud…..and because of this we think you deserve a few weeks off!

Enjoy the summer and stay safe.

From Mrs Pearson and Mrs Days