It’s Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Winter

As the weather turns colder, the children have enjoyed observing the frost and ice. This week we read ‘Jack Frost’ and had some lovely discussions about the changing seasons. Reception have been creating some lovely winter pictures inspired by the cover of Jack Frost and nursery have been making snowflakes using loose parts. All of this work is displayed in our corridor – see if you can spot it next time you’re in school!

This week we began our new RE topic: birthdays. We have explored how we celebrate birthdays – by giving gifts and cards, inviting friends to parties, playing party games, singing and sharing delicious cake! Barnaby Bear has been so lucky to have fabulous friends that have helped him celebrate his birthday in school this week.

As December has arrived, we have begun preparing for Jesus’ birthday with our story Advent calendar. We are looking forward to further exploring Advent and the Christmas story in the upcoming weeks.

The nursery boys and girls have done a wonderful job decorating our class Christmas tree.