Friday 18th November

We have loved being back in our classroom this week and what a busy week it has been…


On Monday we marked the beginning of anti-bullying week by sporting our odd socks. We talked about how we, just like our socks, are unique and that it is okay to be different. We also read Elmer, a story which celebrates differences before decorating our own Elmers. The children chose various ways to decorate their Elmer including sticking, painting and colouring. Each one was different from the next but they were all fantastic.

This week we have focused on the importance of kindness and friendships. We used apples to demonstrate how being unkind can make us feel. We said kind things to one apple and gave examples of unkind behaviour to the other apple. Although from the outside they looked the same, when we cut them open we could see that one apple was bruised and rotten which represented how we can feel inside when others are unkind to us.

We have also been sorting examples of kind and unkind friends – Mabel enjoyed the sorting activity so much that she made some of her own!

We have also read Rainbow Fish this week and discussed when and how he was kind to others and when he was not.


Nursery delivered their first assembly for their grown ups this week – a huge well done to all of the children involved (and Mrs Troy!) We are incredibly proud of how brave you all were to talk, sing and dance in front of an audience.

To celebrate World Nursery Rhyme Week, the children have enjoyed singing a rhyme a day as well as a selection of their favourite nursery rhymes.

The children enjoyed a ‘5 Little Ducks’ dough disco this week too.


As we have been focusing on friendship this week, we had a slightly different PE lesson. This week the children put their team work to the test as they worked together to move balls and hoops across the hall without dropping them. It was trickier than it looked but the children did a great job!

Reception are continuing to work their socks off in their phonics lessons. They have been practising reading their sentence of the week and will be completing their first piece of dictation work later today.

Our Pudsey activities began yesterday with our Pudsey play dough. The children are excited to take part in the sponsored dance-a-thon this afternoon.

We’ll all be ready for a good rest this weekend!

Miss Dawson, Miss Baum & Mrs Troy.