A FaBOOlous Week


As things have taken a spooky turn in Early Years this week, nursery have been singing ‘Incy Wincy Spider’. They have been using their dough disco moves to roll and ball the play dough to create some rather creepy spiders, some of them even had more than two eyes. (aaaargh!)

The children have also been pulling and ripping resources such as tape and wool to create some fabulous mummies. Take a look if you dare!


In maths this week, Reception have been building their vocabulary to compare capacity and mass.

As fun as it was to investigate which container held the most scoops of water beads or which objects were heavier than the others, the children couldn’t wait to get stuck in to the water beads during their free play! A very popular activity this week.

Reception absolutely loved getting the climbing apparatus out in PE this week. Miss Baum and I were so impressed with how sensible the children were and how they safely used the equipment. They put many of their skills to the test including jumping, spatial awareness and turn taking. Well done everyone!


All of the children were so excited to put on their costumes and have a BOOgie at the Halloween disco. You all looked fantastic – what a great end to our first half term.

Miss Dawson, Miss Baum & Mrs Troy hope you recharge your batteries over the break,

S-ghouls out for half term!