All Things Autumn

As we move into October, we are beginning to feel very autumnal in Early Years. The children have enjoyed singing autumn themed songs such as “The Hedgehog is Very Prickly”. They even added their own verses including ‘the leaves are very crunchy’, ‘the conkers are very shiny’ and ‘the fox is very fluffy’.


Nursery have been exploring our school grounds on their autumn walk this week. They have collected leaves and seeds which they have brought back to class to add to the playdough and to create some loose part pictures.

Nursery have also been sorting leaves in the outdoor classroom. They were able to sort them into piles of different autumn colours like red, brown and yellow. Great work everyone!


In maths, Reception have also been sorting and matching. They began the week by sorting by a given criteria. They then moved on to looking for similarities and differences in objects that had been sorted to figure out how they had been grouped. This led to some interesting discussions as the children shared their reasoning.

During choosing time, Seren enjoyed matching the numerals to the correct amount of bees in a matching game. Not only did she do a fantastic job of matching, she showed off her counting in French! Very impressive, Mrs Biasi will be proud!

Well done to all of the children in Reception class who have had a very important job to complete this week. (Reception Baseline Assessments) You’ve been superstars!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Miss Dawson, Miss Baum & Mrs Troy.