Friday 30th September

To begin the week, we celebrated European Day of Languages. In Early Years, we learned all about Romania. We listened to some Romanian music, decorated our classroom with flags that the children had coloured and created our own plate designs as Romania is well known for its beautiful pottery.

Samuel proudly showed off his traditional clothing before his Mum came in to school to read a Romanian story book and share her delicious food. The children listened carefully to the story and used the pictures to talk about what was happening. Some children even picked out some words and correctly translated them – very impressive! The food was so tasty, it left us wanting more!

Thank you to Samuel and his Mum for helping us learn about Romania.


Nursery have been reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears this week. They used the teddy bears to join in the story using their best Daddy, Mammy and Baby Bear voices. They have also been singing ‘When Goldilocks Went to the House of the Bears’, look at their fierce growling faces…

The children helped make porridge oat play dough this week, let’s hope Goldilocks doesn’t come and eat it all up!


Reception began their Sounds Write lessons this week. We are very impressed with the effort and dedication they have shown to become great readers and writers – keep it up!

Well done to all of the children in Reception and Year 6 who delivered a fantastic Welcome Liturgy for our All Saints’ family and friends. You all made us so proud!

We have been blown away with all of your hard work this week, we hope you enjoy a restful weekend.

Miss Dawson, Miss Baum & Mrs Troy.